Juniper Community School believes that all children are naturally motivated to learn. We help to foster children's natural sense of wonder about the world while helping them develop a life-long love of learning in a project based, hands on, democratic, mixed age environment.

We bring children of mixed ages together where they can learn from one another with the guidance of adult mentors and parents. We also invite local homeschool families to join us three days per week for our Kindergarten through 8th grade homeschool co-op enrichment program.

Juniper Community School is a Kindergarten through 2nd grade program designed to offer an alternative private school education that ensures that the whole child is engaged by offering projects that are rich in content and allows the child to think creatively and critically. We allow children to learn at their own natural pace without being tied to a desk and without added stress of having to pass a state-mandated, standardized test.

A typical day will include a mix of academic learning, ample free play, creative stimulation with the arts being a priority and plenty of time spent outdoors. Often you will find our students huddled in a group working together on community projects, reading to one another, baking, sewing, painting, dancing, making up and performing plays, learning foreign languages, teaching each other new skills or just being kids.

Our classroom is a home like environment with multiple learning and enrichment centers. We offer low mentor to child ratios which helps us cater to your child"s interests and needs. If you have ever thought of homeschooling your child; but, you are unable to do so, due to various circumstances, this is the place for you. The sky is the limit at Juniper Community School!